What is the National High School Rodeo Association?

The National High School Rodeo Association was created to give high school students the opportunity to participate and compete in this unique and challenging sport. Although not recognized by high school athletics, the NHSRA offers a rodeo program that sets high school rodeo apart from other varsity sports: Athletes compete on a scale comparable to collegiate and professional rodeo competitors. The NHSRA is an independent student athletic association -- governing itself without supervision of school administrations or assistance from tax dollars. Members are fully insured, supervised and guided by adult experts. Competitors have the opportunity to acquire scholarships and grants for continuing their educational careers.


When can I join the MNHSRA?

Our rodeo season begins August 1 of the current year and continues through July 31 of the following year. Any student currently entering 6th-12th grade, or in 6th-11th grade the previous school year is eligible to join. MNHSRA accepts membership applications year around for the current year’s membership. Our rodeos are scheduled with fall and spring sessions. Points begin to accumulate at our first fall rodeo and continue through state finals in June. You are still required to pay the full membership fees & fundraising dues if you join mid-year.


How do I fill out my Membership forms?

Here is a sample of how to fill out your membership paperwork.  Be certain to complete all required information.


What forms and documents do I need to submit to become a member of MNHSRA?

See the Membership page for the application.  Be sure to follow the checklist included in the membership application so you are sure to pay all FEES and submit all FORMS required.


What are the dues and fees to join MNHSRA?

HS Division - - $159 TOTAL Membership Fees (Includes $35 state dues, $35 national dues, $15 NHSRA Times Subscription and $74 Insurance)
JH Division - - $114 TOTAL Membership Fees (Includes $34 state dues, $35 national dues, $15 NHSRA Time Subscription and $30 Insurance)
PER FAMILY - - $250.00 fundraising dues. This can be earned back by meeting the fundraising obligation.  All fees are mandatory.


What are the membership requirements?

Students must be in good standing; not ruled undesirable for misconduct at school. Students must be under 20 at the first of the National High School Rodeo year (August 1 of current year), and are or have been enrolled in the 9th, 10th, 11th or 12th grade for the High School division or 6th, 7th or 8th grade for the JR High division,  the year just preceding the National Rodeo the contestant is entering as long as they (minimum requirements) have made passing grades in 4 subjects or if carrying less than 4 subjects student must have passing grades in all subjects, even if they have graduated in the middle of the year or have attended school on half-days, they will be eligible to compete in MN High School Rodeo through the National High School Finals Rodeo if he/she has not participated for more than four (4) years. Any student attending schools which apply to high school credits is eligible if he/she meets all other requirements. A graduate of high school is not eligible for membership of MNHSRA after the completion of the National High School Finals Rodeo immediately following their graduating from high school. Students must include a copy of their current high school grade and age certificate with their application for membership in the MNHSRA organization


What is the one-time trial membership?

Any student can enter 1 weekend of rodeo in the events of their choosing without paying the entire membership & fundraising dues. You would still be required to pay the entry fees, office fee, grounds fee and an insurance fee for the weekend you choose to compete. Complete the 1x Membership Forms & email it to the entry secretary at least 1 week prior to the rodeo you are entering.


My school does not have a rodeo club, can I still join MNHSRA?

Participating in a rodeo club through your school is not mandatory and is not a requirement of membership.


Which region will I be in?

Contestants join the region closest to their hometown. When a region hosts a rodeo, as region member you are required to help raise funds & work at that rodeo. Each region may have fundraising & membership criteria. Region presidents & directors are listed under the Directors tab. Contact the Region Presidents for more information. The boundaries of the regions are defined on the MNHSRA Region Map.  As a guide, Region 1 is the farthest North region. Region 2 is Fergus Falls to Alexandria to Madison, MN area. Region 3 is metro & farthest East. Region 4 is the farthest South region, Farmington to St. Peter area and Region 5 is Buffalo to St. Cloud area.

I have sent in my membership paperwork, now what?

Once all completed paperwork and dues are received by the membership secretary, you will receive your membership #, which will be your back tag # and information on how to enter the rodeo online. If the online entry link has already been closed, the entry secretary will manually enter you into that specific rodeo. Contact the Entry Secretary for more information & timelines or see the info sheets on the Rodeo Entry page.


If I am enrolled in home school, am I eligible for membership?

Students attending a home school, private school, religious school or correspondence school are eligible for membership if the school is recognized and approved by the state/province board of education in the state/province the member is applying for membership.


Can I join the MNHSRA if I live in a neighboring state?

Yes, you can still join MNHSRA. A contestant attending high school in a state other than his or her home state; he or she shall be eligible to enter in one of the two state rodeos of their choice. A contestant living and going to school in a state, which has a High School Rodeo Association, must compete in that State Finals, unless they have transferred to another state. A contestant who wishes to rodeo in another state, may rodeo in another state with written approval from the two involved State Associations, both National Directors and NHSRA.  Please allow additional time for membership to be approved before entering a rodeo if you do not live in the state of MN.  See the Forms Page for the current year transfer form.


What are the rules that govern the MNHSRA?

The MNHSRA follows the NHSRA Rulebook when conducting rodeos. Know these rules & have your rulebook accessible.
There are also Ground Rules & By Laws that apply specifically to the MNHSRA you need to make yourself familiar with. See the Rules Page for further information.


Which contestants are eligible to compete at state finals?

All MNHSRA contestants can compete at the state finals in the events they have qualified.  To qualify for an event a member must compete in a minimum of 4 regional rodeos in that event. At the state finals, the top 4 in each event based on the accumulative point system are awarded prizes and earn a trip to the National Finals Rodeo.


How do I enter a rodeo?

Click on the Rodeo Entry Page. Review the INFO sheet for each rodeo for the entry dates. Once the entry links are open, you will be able to click on the link to enter. Make sure you are on the correct link, JH & HS Division have separate links. Follow the online entry instructions. You must format your member number correctly for the online entry to work.
HS Members - - If your back tag # is 25, then you must enter your member # as MN0025.
JH Member - - if your back tag # is 200 then you must enter your member # as JMN0200.
Online entry will not work if you do not enter your membership number with the correct format.
** IMPORTANT ** You must have a confirmation number on the online system to be entered. No confirmation # means no entry!


What is the INFO sheet?

The INFO sheet is specific details pertaining to each rodeo. For example, each region hosting a rodeo is allowed to have the starting time or order of events to be whatever they choose. This means you must pay particular attention to each rodeos INFO sheet. It will also list if stalls are available or mandatory, camping details, entry fees, draw out deadlines, etc. See the INFO sheet for specific rodeo DETAILS!


What are the draw/daysheets?

The contestant order draw is a computer generated random draw for each event. A “PRELIMINARY-UNOFFICIAL” daysheet is posted on the website, generally by Tuesday the week of the rodeo. You will need to check this and make sure you are entered in each event you intended to enter.  Print this off and bring it with you to the rodeo. No copies are available at the rodeo.  After check-in and after the stock has been drawn and assigned, an “OFFICIAL” draw is posted at the rodeo. Make it a habit to check the “OFFICIAL” draw at each rodeo as well.  Change happens, people draw out or do not show up, which can change the order. It is your responsibility to know when you are to be in the arena for your run.


How can I compete on the National Level?

In order to compete at the National level, NHSRA members must first compete at the state levels for local recognition and the top four contestants in each event qualify for the National High School Finals Rodeo (NHSFR) held annually in July. Over 1,500 contestants from each of the more than 40 state/province associations compete for national titles, awards and scholarships.


What should I expect at the first rodeo?

Each rodeo begins with a mandatory contestant check-in. Ask where the entry secretary is located for check-in. That is where you will go first. There is a parent/contestant meeting in the grandstands prior to each rodeo. We strongly encourage parents to attend these meetings. See INFO sheet under the entry tab for each specific rodeo details. These vary from rodeo to rodeo. Print this form off & bring it with you to the rodeo so you have these details.


When should I arrive at the rodeo grounds?

Most contestants begin arriving the day before the rodeo (normally Friday evening), but people continue to arrive right up to the check-in. All contestants must have arrived and checked-in with the secretary by the close of check-in. You MUST call emergency/event contact number listed on the specific rodeo INFO sheet if you are going to be late and ask them to inform the check-in secretary. If you do not call this number and arrive late to check-in, there is a chance that you will not be allowed to compete.


Should I bring rainwear in case it rains or do the rodeos get called off for bad weather?

The times a rodeo will be cancelled because of weather are practically non-existent. Raincoats, warm coats, and mud boots should be packed regardless of the forecast.


How are points awarded?

One to ten points are awarded in each event to the top ten contestants. First place receives 10 points, second 9, third 8, and so forth down to one point for tenth place. Each weekend is normally a two day rodeo but sometimes 3 day rodeos as well.  Each day of that weekend is considered a separate rodeo for points purposes. In this way, every contestant is given two separate opportunities to earn points each weekend. In the event of a tie, the points for the tied placings are evenly distributed between the contestants.  For example if there is a two way tie for first, each contestant would receive 9.5 points (10+9)/2=9.5.