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National High School Rodeo Association

The National High School Rodeo Association is an international, non-profit organization dedicated to the development of sportsmanship, horsemanship and the character in the youth of our country through the sport of rodeo. Created by Texas educator and rodeo contestant Claude Mullins, the NHSRA held its first finals in Hallettsville, Texas, Aug. 25-27, 1949. The NHSRA membership consists of over 10,500 members from 41 states, five Canadian provinces and Australia. The National High School Rodeo Association is governed by National Directors (one representative from each state/provincial association). These volunteer board members are dedicated to the success of the NHSRA and the youth of North America. They also take the responsibility for the planning of the National High School Finals Rodeo each year. The NHSRA, headquartered in Denver, Colorado, has a full-time staff that conducts the day-to-day business of the association. This professional staff is available to assist with sponsorship programs, answer questions and provide for the needs of the association's membership.

Minnesota High School Rodeo Association

The Minnesota High School Rodeo Association is a self supporting, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.  The Association includes statewide involvement of grades 6-12 students.  No other athletic activity in history was ever developed which so embodies the traditions and history of an entire way of life.  One of the most unique aspects of high school rodeo is that these athletes compete on the same stock that is used by college and professional rodeo contestants.  Rodeo is not recognized as a high school sport, however we require our members to conduct themselves in an exemplary manner, to abide by a strict dress code when competing, and to "play by the rules".  We require students to maintain grades at the same level it takes to play high school sports.  Education is of paramount importance to this organization, and we have a scholarship program in place to help further the education of our members.  The MNHSRA provides a unique opportunity for Minnesota youth to participate in one of the most rewarding sports experiences available anywhere and you do not have to be born in the saddle to get involved and continue the tradition of the great American West.  As part of the National High School Rodeo Association, we also hold as our mission to promote the positive image of rodeo, preserve the Western Heritage, and maintain the highest regard for the livestock. 

Minnesota High School Alumni Association

Minnesota Rodeo Association

Reminder to all contestants:  Minnesota Rodeo Association is offering all high school and junior high division contestants full membership for discounted rate.